Tuesday, 16 October 2012

RE-LOVED @ Sheema's Garrage Batch 1

GUCCI (Grade A)
Conditions: 9/10 still look new - 2x pakai jaaa..
Color: Pink/Grey
Size: as shown in pic below
Price: RM75 plus postage 
Reason to let-go: Need a new one la of courseeee....

Conditions: Totally NEW 10/10
Color: Pink Fruitpunch (pic inda middle)
Size: Freesize (S-L)
Price: RM55 plus postage
Reason to let-go: Too 'sweet' for my age.. Not my kinda color...

Conditions: GOOD 8/10
Color: White, Choco, Black
Size: S-L Stretchable waistband with full-lining
Price: RM25 each plus postage / RM70 plus postage for all
Reason to let-go: No more working inda office..

Those yang interested kindly leave your message below yaaa.. OR boleh email me through sheema_shay@yahoo.com. Still got more items yang nak kena let-go sebenarnya. But, tunggu la duluuu... Pening nak sort-out.

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